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Registration, Invitations, and Visas
Q. May I receive an invitation letter and get a visa before May 20?
A. The common international practice is that you can apply for a visa not earlier than 45 days before the first entrance date given in the invitation. In our official invitations the entrance date is July 10, so you can apply for a visa not before May 26. Due to some EU-Russian agreements, the international department of HSE is able to prepare official invitation letters for EU citizens before May 26. For citizens of other countries even the invitatation letters cannot be ready earlier than May 26.
Q. Do the Russian consulates accept invitations sent by fax or (in scanned form) by e-mail?
A. Robert E. Kent: The Russian consulate in Seattle, Washington [consul@seanet.com] informs me that an “E-mailed invitation of high quality is acceptable”.
A. Please, consult the Russian consulate where you intend to get the visa, whether they accept invitations sent by fax or (in scanned form) by e-mail. In Europe and the USA they usually acept invitations in at least one of these forms. If they accept neither of these forms, we'll send you an original invitation by mail, if necessary by express mail like DHL.
Q. What kind of visa will be issued by a Russian consulate in my country on the basis of an official invitation from State University Higher School of Economics: touristic or business?
A. Neither of them, but of the type "scientific and technical relations (ordinary humanitarian)". This will be one-entry visa for 90 days, which cannot be prolonged.
Q. (from France)  We have looked over the requirements / prices for touristic and business visas and are getting a bit confused about the whole process!
A. Camille Roth (CNRS/EHESS, Paris, guest visitor at SU HSE in April 2009):
Getting a Russian visa (directly) from the Embassy in Paris was very smooth for me:
- I got there with the required documents (passport, photo, invitation letter and personal insurance coverage confirmation letter; nothing more).
- I filled in the required information in the form they gave you there, and gave them the whole thing after waiting for 10-15 minutes, they gave me my passport back with its cute visa only a week thereafter, I didn't have to pay any fee (this kind of invitation admittedly waives any classical fee). I think you can also proceed remotely by using the services of a visa agency -- there are plenty of them.
A. (comment) See the previous AQ pair.
Conference Fees
Q. With regard to payment, bank transfers are very common in Europe but they are rare and very expensive in the U.S. It will probably cost me about 50 euros to process the 250 euro payment. Is there any other alternative?
A. The registration fees (in amount equivalent to 250 euros) can be paid at the conference desk.
Q. I (and my bank) assume that “beneficiary name” means the same as account holder. I used NP «DKV GU-VShE» for this, but apparently this was not accepted. Does NP «DKV GU-VShE» refer to an individual?
A. The account holder is not an individual. Please, use this information about the account owner "Account Holder: NP «DKV GU-VShE»".
NP "DKV GU-VShE" (transliteration of an abbreviation) means Nonprofit Company "Business Club of Graduates of State University Higher School of Economics".  We are not allowed to put this in a foreign language, only tranlisteration of the Russian name is allowed. You can find precise and complete banking information on the site.
By the way, we have already successfully received a payment from Europe to this account. Late payment (in amount of 250 euro) is also possible at the conference desk.
Q: Jens, the organizing committee of ICCS'2009 has received your conference fees. Please tell us about your experience with bank transfer.
A. Jens Koetters: I was also not sure how to transfer the money and wrote an email to my consultant at Deutsche Bank. She replied that I can ignore the details for the intermediary account because Deutsche Bank will automatically find the most direct connection. So I completed a foreign payment order online, using the following data:

Beneficiary: NP <<DKV GU-VShE>>
Account No: 40703978523000008598
Beneficiary's Bank: VTB 24 (JSC)
National Bank Code: CBGURUMM
Bank's Address: 35 Myasnitskaya str.
Bank's City or Postal Code: Moscow, Russia
Currency: Euro
Amount: 100
Destination Country: Russia
Fee arrangement: "Fees are shared between the parties"
Payment Details: "dobrovolnye vznosy za uchastie v konferentsii ICCS 2009 26 July 2009 [your name]"

I was not sure about the National Bank Code and gave the SWIFT code there, seems it worked. Alternatively, IBAN and SWIFT would have been sufficient in place of the bank details, but there was no IBAN on the website. To be precise about your questions:

Q: From where did you make your transfer?
A [J.K.]: Deutsche Bank (Online Banking)

Q: How much time did it take to make the transfer?
A [J.K.]: I checked a few days later and saw the transaction was made

Q: Were there any difficulties at the bank when making the transfer?
A [J.K.]: No

Q: Was the information given on our homepage sufficient for the bank officer to accept the transfer?
A [J.K.]: Yes

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