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In-Close, a Fast Algorithm for Computing Formal Concepts   Simon Andrews
Default conceptual graph rules: preliminary results for an agronomy application   Jean-François Baget, Madalina Croitoru, Jerome Fortin and Rallou Thomopoulos
Towards Extraction of Conceptual Structures from Electronic Health Records   Svetla Boytcheva and Galia Angelova
Algorithm Design Using Traversals of the Covering Relation   Andrew Burrow
A Practical Exploration of Ontology Interoperability   James Cooke and Simon Polovina
Representing and reasoning about different viewpoints: an agronomy application   Madalina Croitoru and Rallou Thomopoulos
Access Policy Design Supported by FCA Methods   Frithjof Dau and Martin Knechtel
From transformation traces to transformation rules: Assisting Model Driven Engineering approach with Formal Concept Analysis   Xavier Dolques, Marianne Huchard and Clémentine Nebut
Using VRML Technology for Visualization of Relations between the Main Concepts of an Educational Course   Evgeny Eremin
Relational Scaling in Relational Concept Systems   Karl Erich Wolff
Efficient Browsing and Update of Complex Data based on the Decomposition of Contexts   Sébastien Ferré
Inverting semantic structure of customer opinions expressed in forums and blogs   Boris Galitsky, Huanjin Chen and Shaobin Du
In Search of Semantic Compositionality in Vector Spaces   Eugenie Giesbrecht
Fusion of Claude Bernard’s Experiments for Scientific Discovery Reasoning   Bassel HABIB, Claire LAUDY and Jean-Gabriel Ganascia
Frequent Itemset Mining for Clustering Near-Duplicate Web Documents   Dmitry Ignatov and Sergei Kuznetsov
Graph Mining for Detection of a Large Class of Financial Crimes   Czeslaw Jedrzejek, Jaroslaw Bak and Maciej Falkowski
System Consequence   Robert Kent
Context Graphs for Many-Valued Contexts   Jens Koetters
The Transaction Pattern through Automating TrAM   Ivan Launders, Simon Polovina and Richard Hill
Distinguishing Answers in Conceptual Graph Knowledge Bases   Nicolas Moreau, Michel Leclère and Madalina Croitoru
Word Graph Construction of Certain Aspects of Indonesian Language   Sri Nurdiati and Cornelis Hoede
A Conceptual Analysis of Difficult Situations - developing systems for teenagers with ASD   Peter Øhrstrøm, Henrik Scharfe and Miklos Gyori
Relation Algebra Operations on Formal Contexts   Uta Priss
Conceptual Graphs and Datatypes   Thomas Raimbault, David Genest and Stéphane Loiseau
Towards the computational complexity of recognizing pseudo-intents   Baris Sertkaya
Another Reason Why Conceptual Graphs Need Actors   Bryan J. Smith and Harry Delugach
ConceptModeller: a Graph-Based Semantic Modeling Tool for Building Enterprise Applications   Sergey Zykov

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