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Natalia Loukachevitch

Natalia Loukachevitch graduated from Department of Computer Science of Moscow State University and currently holds the position of a Senior Researcher at Research Computing Center of Moscow State University.

Natalia is the main author of Thesaurus RuThes, a concept-based linguistic resource of Russian Language (linguistic ontology). Containing more than 50 thousand concepts, more than 140 thousand words and multiword expressions, RuThes Thesaurus belongs to the largest concept-based linguistic resources in the world.

RuThes Thesaurus is a tool for automatic conceptual indexing of documents in RUSSIA University Information System. RuThes is used in many business and academic information-retrieval applications, such as

  • automatic text categorization,
  • document clustering,
  • automatic text summarization,
  • question-answering.

Thesaurus-based applications of RuThes team participated in international competitions such as TREC conference, SUMMAC Conference, CLEF Conference, Russian Seminar on Information Retrieval ROMIP.

Natalia is also responsible for development of Linguistic Ontology on Natural Sciences and Technologies and Russian version of Art and Architecture Thesaurus.

Natalia is a member of Programming and Organizing Committees of several international conferences on information retrieval and computational linguistics such as

  • ACM SIGIR Conference (2008),
  • Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF),
  • Text-Speech-Dialog Conference (Czech Republic),
  • Language and Technology Conference (Poland),
  • Russian Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intellectual Technologies DIALOG.

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